The drama team rehearses and performs a Christmas play and a Resurrection play and several skits throughout the year.  Our scripts come from the very best source – the living Word of God.  We pray you have an opportunity to witness and receive one of these performances.


BETHLEHEM NIGHTS – In 2010, we started a new Christmas tradition in our sweet Church.  We turn our courtyard into the little town of Bethlehem.  Visitors can walk through the gates of the village and experience the recreated town, the night Joseph and Mary sought refuge to give birth to our Savior.  As you stroll through the town you will come to the bakery where you can bake fresh bread, the metal shop where you can make the Star of David, the candle shop where you can make your own candle, the candy shop where you can enjoy homemade candy, the leather shop where you’ll make a bracelet, the carpentry shop where you can watch the carpenters of old work with homemade tools, the paint shop where you’ll decorate an ornament, the pottery shop where you can make a bowl and the scribe shop where you can write your name in Hebrew.   You can experience all this as you find your way to the manger.  Join us each Christmas eve from 5pm to 9pm followed by our Candlelight Service at 11:00 pm.